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Wordpress / CMS Content Management System Maintenance

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WordPress is not just for blogging anymore. More and more businesses are using WordPress as a general purpose CMS with their own custom theme. In addition to the demand for website conversions to WordPress CMS, we are seeing increased use of WordPress as a basis for business intranets where it really shines as a collaborative communication platform.

Content Management Systems, like WordPress, can really ease and often lessen the cost of website content publishing and maintenance. However, the need to customize, maintain and manage the CMS system itself remains a necessary and ongoing challenge. CMS-based websites continue to require a broad palette of specialized design, technical and administrative expertise to both maintain and extend.

With WordPress, and all Content Management Systems, the technical requirements for maintenance and management of editorial content lessens and becomes more routine, standardized, and distributable across staff who may not need specialized technical skills. Now, the focus of technical maintenance and management tends to shift toward design, customization and implementation of themes, templates and functional plug-ins, hosting, security, and system upgrades.

We Work as an Extension of Your Team

If it is not practical for your organization to employ a dedicated WordPress support, design and development team or if you want to extend the capabilities of your IT Information Technology staff, we can tailor a solution that fits.

Our comprehensive WordPress maintenance, management, design and development services address the needs that all online businesses have. We do that by delivering original and creative design, custom functionality, bespoke maintenance, tailored support, scalability, optimization, upgrades and security... continuously and consistently.

We Convert Existing Websites to WordPress websites

Are you interested in having your existing website converted and migrated to a custom WordPress CMS design? Do you want to leverage WordPress content management functionality to facilitate website administration and content publishing? We can get you there.

Our experience with PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, MySQL My Structured Query Language, CSS Cascading Style Sheets3, HTML Hypertext Markup Language5, Javascript and jQuery, on both Windows and LAMP Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Perl platforms, enables us to customize and deliver a system that will meet your specific needs. Most importantly, we'll also be there to support and extend your website solution after delivery.

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