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Interacttm Online Work Request System

Making maintaining web pages fast, easy, and efficient

The Interact Online Work Request System* is the fast, efficient way to track, organize, and communicate with Collaborint about your work requests.

When you sign up for website maintenance services with Collaborint, you gain access to this system. Interact is built around a streamlined process which is designed to help you manage all your work requests, keep track of hours available each week, and communicate effectively with Collaborint staff.

As a client, you can...

  • Submit your work requests quickly and easily via the online submittal form.
  • Expect quick and efficient turnaround on your work requests.
  • View a request's status at any time.
  • Communicate with the Collaborint team through a discussion forum associated with each work request, thereby leaving a virtual "paper trail" of progress and accountability.
  • Receive notification via email on each work request when its status changes.
  • Workflow features one-click review and approval of work before your site is updated.
  • View all completed requests in an archive for future reference or historical reporting.
 Interact Work Request System Screenshot