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Why Choose Wordpress

There are many reasons for choosing WordPress — the most popular and fastest growing CMS Content Management System

There are many open source Content Management Systems from which to choose, among the most popular are Joomla, often the designer's choice; Drupal, popular with developers; and WordPress, by far the most popular and the fastest growing CMS.

According to a TechCrunch article from 2011, 14.7 percent of the top million websites in the world use WordPress and not just for blogging — business websites using WordPress as a general purpose CMS are now commonplace.

So, Why Choose WordPress for your CMS?

WordPress Support

Now with version 4, WordPress software has been developed for over ten years — ten years of continuously improved software.

WordPress is backed by easily accessed, extensive community support.

WordPress Uses Standards Based Structural Markup

WordPress uses standards-based XHTML Extensible Markup Language with CSS Cascading Style Sheets which not only helps to ensure cross-browser compatibility but has many more benefits such as improving SEO Search Engine Optimization and maintenance efficiency and much, much more.

WordPress Themes Make it Possible to Produce Custom Designs

WordPress is no longer just blogging software. Thousands of small, medium, and large businesses are realizing the benefits of using this open source CMS. It's free, easy to install and very well supported. Because WordPress creates the underlying code, not the design, your current website or new design can be converted to run on WordPress. The default, standard theme can be altered or completely replaced with your own custom design or theme.

You Have Control with WordPress

Content can be updated or added any time, any place, by you. Content updates are easy to make using the well designed interface. All that is needed is access to the WordPress Dashboard administrative interface.

When you host WordPress on your own server (or on your ISP's Internet Service Provider's server) you have complete control over the software installation as well as the website management.

Web Management for Corporate WordPress Websites

In many cases it is possible to self-manage a website, however, medium to large sites will generally require a minimum skill set which includes PHP, jQuery, MySQL My Structured Query Language, CSS3 and HTML5 Hypertext Markup Language 5.

For larger or more highly customized websites, a Web team will likely be necessary for WordPress maintenance. In this case, your content writers will probably refresh/add content while the Web team provides the development and design support, adds new functionality, updates templates, performs WordPress and plug-in version upgrades, conducts search engine optimization and ensures the website is secure and running smoothly.

You Can Trust the Collaborint Professionals to Maintain your WordPress Website

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