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In-house or Outsourced Website Maintenance?

Compare hiring your own web management team with outsourcing website maintenance

In-House Skills

  • What skills does your team possess? Do they have experience with the technologies being used today including those for developing mobile friendly websites?
  • Do you have a plan if you need different skills?
  • Do they stay current so that they can suggest new ideas when appropriate?

Collaborint Skills

  • We've developed sites on many platforms including Java, ASP Active Server Pages, ASP.NET, PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, ColdFusion and WordPress. And, we are experienced with the latest techniques and frameworks for developing and designing mobile-friendly websites including responsive web design.
  • Our broad exposure means a wide variety of skills are available.
  • Our team is continually exposed to new ideas and training.

In-House Task Management

  • How are you going to manage each task? Email? Paper?
  • Who will be responsible for tracking work requests?
  • How will this person be held accountable for results?
  • Will this person manage the content owners?

Collaborint Task Management

  • Collaborint uses the Interact Work Request System
  • Real-time, web-based monitoring of all tasks
  • Threaded discussion groups for each task
  • Workflow features one-click review and approval of work before your website is updated

In-House Overhead

  • How much training is required? How much does it cost in dollars and lost productivity?
  • What happens when your staff leave your company or change jobs? What does hiring, retention, training, and management cost?
  • What if needs increase or decrease? Can you add a few hours each week if you need to? Reduce a few?
  • Does your company own the necessary equipment and software? How much is that costing you?

Outsource Website Maintenance

  • No training required
  • No turnover
  • Easy to adjust hours as needed in any increment
  • Professional tools