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Example Work — / M.A.N. Entertainment

Logo Design, Development, Production, and Website Maintenance Service for a Small Business Website

Project Scope

Mark Needham website screenshot

Mark Needham (M.A.N. Entertainment), a Los Angeles-based, world-class, music mixer, producer and engineer, is known for his work with clients such as: Chris Isaak, The Killers, Bruce Hornsby, Meredith Brooks, Cake, Lindsey Buckingham and Paul Simon.

Mark commissioned a marketing website to both increase his visibility and attract new business. His priorities were that the website present his services, illustrate his impressive list of satisfied clients, and showcase his work accomplishments.

Website Design Solution and Implementation

Collaborint designed a professional services website with subtle use of industry tech imagery, understated, without compromising usability and readability for Mark's diverse clientele. In addition, client testimonials, endorsements, and photography were used throughout the website to reference Mark's art and strong client relationships. Collaborint also designed a complementary text treatment/logo.

Web Page Maintenance

After the site launch, Mark signed on for Collaborint's Website Maintenance service.