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Example Work — California BMW Triumph

Website Design, Production, SEO Search Engine Optimization and Website Maintenance Service for a Small Business E-commerce Website

Client Overview

California BMW was founded in 1981 by BMW riders. California Triumph became one of the first franchised Bay Area Triumph dealers in 1995 and has been one of Triumph's top American dealers ever since. California BMW and California Triumph are divisions of California BMW Triumph Motorcycles.

The original sites used framesets with non-standard HTML markup. The client wished to update the code, remove the framed structure and freshen the design. Key design goals included:

  • Easy and efficient maintenance
  • De-frame and implement CSS Cascading Style Sheets-driven separation of layout and content for optimized search engine indexing
  • Reorganize file system structure and reintegrate content
  • "Open up" homepage to more prominently feature new bikes and specials
  • Update HTML code to be standards-based

Website Design Solution and Implementation

Collaborint redesigned websites for Calmoto, California Triumph and California BMW using standards-based XHTML markup. Frames were eliminated and a one-template-design, using server-side includes, was introduced for easy maintenance; main navigation and other common elements, such as footers and logos, are now updated, site-wide, by making edits to a single file.

The original, flat architecture was completely reorganized in order to keep the websites orderly over the long-term.

Project Accomplishments

Primary website design and production accomplishments include:

  • Dramatically improved search engine indexing of website content (SEO)
  • Faster loading web pages, especially for dial-up users
  • Site-wide changes accomplished in minutes due to extensive use of CSS combined with a single template design and server-side includes
  • Standards-based XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • WCAG Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Level A conformance