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About Collaborint

We deliver and support best-in-class, award winning websites and applications for our clients.

Collaborint Web Management Services is an Internet Professional Services firm specializing in the production, management, and maintenance of business-driven websites. We deliver and support best-in-class, award winning websites and applications for our clients. We are experienced and expert in the production of highly integrated, data-driven and dynamic business solutions on the Internet. Our ultimate goal is to partner with our clients, enabling them to concentrate on their core business objectives and realize maximum return on their Internet technology investments. We are a privately held company with offices and hosting facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our History

Collaborint is the spun-off Web Management Services aspect of the San Francisco, California-based Internet Professional Services company, Fine Brand Media, Inc. We were founded expressly to offer Internet professional services and values characterized by: a personal attention to clients, top-tier technical and design expertise, robust and dependable site maintenance, stable and long-term business relationships. We were chartered and began operations as Collaborint Web Management Services in January 2003.

Our Business Model

We are structured as a core team of dedicated professionals functioning as managers of the primary aspects of our business; Website Maintenance, Design & Development, Technical Consulting and Sales & Administrative functions. We bring on additional, discipline-specific team members as required by project and contract. The core team consists of previous Fine Brand Media, Inc. employees and is supplemented as required by qualified professionals with whom we have a successful working history. We are committed to providing reliable services through a sustainable business model and this approach has worked well for both us and our clients since 1997.